HeAVi, LLC - 143 East Bay St. - Charleston, SC 29401- (843) 577-3855
High-end Audio/Video integrations (HeAVi LLC) is a full service company specializing in
extreme automation and high end components. Since most of our jobs are very
complicated we only take a few projects a year. Many times clients are in need of our
expertise but are not in need of our other services. For this reason we created Geigtech

Unlike HeAVi, Geigtech specializes in consultation which takes its form in technical
support, troubleshooting, system design, project management, client representation,
and third party proposal review. This allows clients anywhere in the world to tap in to
our knowledge in high end audio, video, lighting and home technology. This knowledge
has brought us to many places and saved our clients thousands of dollars. If you would
like to learn more please call James Geiger at 843-224-8069.
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